ADDED ON: 03/21/2022

A Transgender Woman Was Killed in Wuhan. The CCP’s Reaction: Hiding the Facts

03/20/2022 | Bitter Winter

On March 9, the murder of a transgender person took place in Wuhan Paradise Walk (武汉江宸天街), a large shopping center in downtown Wuhan. The victim was a transgender woman, who was killed in the afternoon with a knife by a man while she was using the men’s restroom in accordance with her biological sex. The picture of the crime circulating on the Internet shows that the deceased was wearing women’s clothes and knee-high boots. Her clothes had been stripped off when she fell to the ground, so many netizens thought the deceased was a woman when the news first came out. But soon the police preliminary notification which spread on Weibo revealed that the murder was committed with a knife at 3 p.m. on March 9 in the men’s restroom on the 4th floor of Paradise Walk. The 19-year-old male suspect Zhang and the 21-year-old victim Luo did not know each other before. They started a verbal dispute, resulting in a bloody violent clash. The victim died on the spot.


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