ADDED ON: 02/17/2021

A Support Group for Trans Newcomers that Goes ‘Beyond Borders and Binaries’

02/15/2021 | The Tyee

Trans, non-binary and gender divergent immigrants and refugees living in British Columbia now have a support group to call their very own. Beyond Borders and Binaries, a peer-support group run by MOSAIC settlement and employment services agency and the Vancouver Association for Survivors of Torture, began meeting online in September after MOSAIC heard from the trans community that they needed a support group just for them. Initially what trans people — a label that includes but is not limited to non-binary, gender non-conforming, gender queer, trans men and trans women — said they needed from MOSAIC when coming to Canada was information about the process of getting here in the first place. “So, for example, if they’re flying and they need to carry their hormones, people were wondering how they could do that: if they could bring it on through their check-in luggage, or if they could carry it on their carry on,” said Kiana Reyes, a MOSAIC program facilitator.


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