ADDED ON: 04/19/2020

‘A second home’: Halifax’s only dedicated LGBTQ bar closes for good

04/15/2020 | CBC

Menz and Mollyz, described as Halifax’s only dedicated LGBTQ bar and one of the few safe spaces for the community, is closing permanently. The bar and performance venue on Gottingen Street made the announcement Monday on its Facebook page, prompting an outpouring of messages from people expressing sadness. Adam Reid, executive director of Halifax Pride, said the community is grieving. He said Menz and Mollyz Bar was not just a watering hole — it was a place where people held meetings, memorials, birthday parties, protests, fundraisers and cultural gatherings. “I think what people might not understand is that the loss of a gay bar means so much more than just the loss of an establishment,” Reid said in a phone interview Tuesday. “I think we’re still just very shook up by the news and starting to comprehend what this means for the folks who have relied on it as a community hub and a safe space where we can gather.”


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