ADDED ON: 03/18/2023

A Saudi Trans Woman Is Presumed Dead After Claiming She Was Forced to Detransition

03/17/2023 | them

On March 12, Eden Knight, a 23-year-old Saudi-American transgender woman, posted a note online indicating that she intended to die by suicide. Knight’s suicide note accused her influential family and at least two U.S. “fixers” of conspiring to lure her away from a supportive home and back to Saudi Arabia, where she was bullied into detransitioning, a fate she considered to be worse than death. Although it is generally not appropriate to publicize the contents of a suicide note, Knight’s final words described a detailed plot to gain her trust, with the ultimate goal of destroying the person she wanted to become. Knight’s story was supported this week by numerous friends and roommates, who compiled a document and timeline outlining the allegations alongside their conversation histories with Knight. Multiple outlets, including Vice and Rolling Stone, have independently confirmed the identities of Knight’s friends and partner, many of whom are remaining anonymous for their protection.


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