ADDED ON: 05/27/2020

A Polish gay couple took their rainbow face masks to an ‘LGBT-Free Zone’

05/26/2020 | Gay Star News

Polish gay couple have taken their free rainbow face masks to the heart of one of the country’s ‘LGBT-Free Zones’. Towns and districts across Poland have declared themselves ‘LGBT-Free’ in the last year. But married YouTubers Jakub and Dawid Mycek-Kwiecinski have found a great way to fight back – with generosity. They started handing out rainbow face masks in Poland in April as coronavirus panic hit the country. And now they’ve taken the campaign to one of the ‘LGBT-Free Zones’. They handed out the Pride-flag colored masks in Morda, Trzebieszów and Biała Podlaska, in the east of the country. The couple said: ‘“Promoting LGBT” is forbidden in these areas. But people’s reaction wasn’t only negative. ‘We faced a few threats, some people were a bit nasty. However, watching so many people with rainbow masks on their faces in such areas, was absolutely worth it!’


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