ADDED ON: 10/09/2018

A Policy U-turn by the Ghanaian Government Is Helping Entrench Homophobia

10/08/2018 | Quartz Africa

It is Sunday late August and the weekend carnival that is the beginning of the end of Accra’s week-long Chale Wote Street Arts Festival is on full display. In one of the alleyways of Jamestown (the rundown British colonial quarter of the city where the carnival takes place), women dance suggestively with each other. A man wearing a rainbow train and a vertical ponytail tries to weave through the crowd, abruptly stopped by festival revelers for photographs. One of the toxic legacies of British colonization is its 19th century anti-gay laws in colonial territories and societies where there were none. Earlier this month, India became the 18th member of the Commonwealth to decriminalize homosexuality thanks to a landmark ruling by its Supreme Court annulling an old British colonial law. It still leaves 35 Commonwealth countries (many in Africa) that maintain laws criminalizing consensual sex between adults of the same gender and Ghana is one of them.


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