ADDED ON: 07/19/2022

A majority of Canadians support the repeal of queer blood ban, according to poll

07/18/2022 | Xtra

A new poll finds that a majority of Canadians support the recent repeal of a lifetime deferral on gay and bisexual men donating blood. Nearly six in 10 respondents (59 percent), according to a survey from Narrative Research and the Logit Group, said they supported recent policy changes that eliminate some restrictions on queer male blood donors. While men were previously barred from giving blood if they had engaged in sexual contact with someone of the same sex within the past three months, the new rules recommended to Health Canada by Canadian Blood Services will no longer screen potential donors based on their sexual orientation. Of the 1,230 Canadians polled between June 27 and 29, 39 percent “completely support” the policy change, while 20 percent “mostly support” it. Just 17 percent of respondents opposed the amended blood donor regulations, which are expected to be rolled out through the end of September. Another 14 percent of those polled expressed a neutral opinion toward the new policies, while 10 percent weren’t sure.


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