ADDED ON: 08/22/2020

A London court has set a date to finally decide on same-sex marriage in Bermuda

08/21/2020 | Gay Star News

The final fate of same-sex marriage in Bermuda will be decided by a court in London – which has now set a date for the hearing. The Privy Council is the final court of appeal for multiple British Overseas Territories and former colonies. So the decision could set a precedent changing the law in far flung countries around the world. The legal battle dates back to 2017 when a Bermudian court made same-sex marriage legal. However the country’s government tried to block marriage equality. Now the Privy Council will make a final decision. It was due to hear the case this December but scheduling issues delayed that. The court has now said the case will go ahead on 3 and 4 February 2021. Rod Attride-Stirling, represents the gay rights organisation OutBermuda and four other litigants in the case. He is ‘cautiously optimistic’ of victory. Moreover he told Bermudan newspaper The Royal Gazette that ‘the change in Bermudian society is already complete’. That’s because same-sex marriage has been able to continue in Bermuda while the court battle rages on.


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