ADDED ON: 06/09/2019

A little tiff over LGBT normalisation in Malaysia

06/09/2019 | The Independent

A Malaysian conservative Muslim rights activist called out Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah for his alleged lack of concern regarding the ‘normalisation’ of LGBT in the country. Rafidah Hanim Mokhtar is the president of the anti-LGBT group WAFIQ (Women’s Alliance for Family and Quality Education). In a tweet, she said that she has issues regarding Minister Abdullah’s concern about Numan Afifi being interrogated by the Malaysian police after a UN convention last March in Geneva. Numan Afifi, outspoken LGBT rights activist in Malaysia, has spoken at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) in Geneva regarding the current state of LGBT rights in the country and recent government interventions. He was then interrogated by Malaysian police, and Minister Abdullah has expressed ‘concern’ regarding the issue.


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