ADDED ON: 06/25/2020

A Hmong and LGBT-owned tailoring business aims to make customers feel ‘uplifted and loved’

06/24/2020 | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

It can be difficult to be part of a cultural community while also knowing you may be labeled an outcast. That is one of the challenges of being gay and Hmong American, said TJ Yaaj. But the question the 2011 Menomonee Falls High School graduate is always asking himself is: “How can I love myself more and be who I am?” Clothing is one way, Yaaj answered. Helping others feel confident in their attire — for all genders, sizes and identities — is what he does with Outkast Alterations, the tailoring business he owns with his partner, Tou Fong. “Clothing speaks on so many emotions, and even during low moments, we unconsciously choose clothing that reflects our emotions,” he said.


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