ADDED ON: 12/18/2019

A guide to local favorites in Chapinero

12/17/2019 | Washington Post

A hip, student-driven area known as Bogota’s gay neighborhood, Chapinero is in constant motion — by the end of 2019, anti-government protesters were holding regular concerts and other events in its plaza, known as “Parque de los Hippies.” The people are diverse and the nightlife lively; the neighborhood’s flagship club, Theatron, hosts a great LGBT party. The Our Lady of Lourdes church here, built in neo-Gothic style, is a famous Bogota landmark. Explore antique shops, design boutiques, art galleries, bars, cafes and architectural points of interest in Chapinero, one of Bogota’s trendiest neighborhoods, which by the end of 2019 became one of the main centers of anti-government demonstrations. Led by a resident, the tours (start point mapped below) are held every Thursday and Saturday at 3 p.m.; make a reservation online. The guide must have at least five people to go ahead.


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