ADDED ON: 12/18/2018

‘A Gay’s Life’: indie web game offers a glimpse into the harsh realities faced by LGBT community in China

12/17/2018 | Yahoo News

It’s tough being gay in China. Millions of LGBT Chinese face discrimination, intolerance, family pressures to get married and have a baby, and sporadic government crackdowns on public events aimed at promoting equal rights. Now you can experience for yourself what it’s like to be gay in China in a first-of-its-kind video game. In A Gay’s Life, players star as a young gay man who must learn how to live with his identity and come out to his friends and family, while navigating the dating scene. Since its release in May, the interactive web title has attracted nearly one million players on Chengguang, an online distribution platform for interactive games. Currently it ranks as the third most popular game on the Chinese site over the past 30 days.


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