ADDED ON: 03/21/2022

A ‘Gay Picture’ in Jordanian School Book Stirs Debate!

03/20/2022 | Albawaba

Following the massive social media campaign over the possible promotion and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ through teaching Jordanian public schools, the Jordan Minister of Education took to the media and social platforms denying there was any intension to do that. Minister Wajih Owais denied the picture circulating on social media, including two children in the same uniform, and under the words (like me), and in one of the kindergartens, implied anything sinister or deviant behaviour. Owais also added this is not included in the educational subjects, but was part of homework material organized by the teacher. He justified the photo didn’t imply any innuendo but simply meant the two children are similar to one other. The minister further added all the content in the school books go through specialized committees before being approved, saying a  team from the Ministry of Education will head to the school in question and question the teacher.


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