ADDED ON: 12/11/2022

A divided church: Friction over LGBTQ issues worsens in global Anglican church

12/10/2022 | Sight Magazine

Friction has been simmering within the global Anglican Communion for many years over its 42 provinces’ sharp differences on whether to recognise same-sex marriage and ordain LGBTQ clergy. This year, the divisions have widened, as conservative bishops – notably from Africa and Asia – affirmed their opposition to LGBTQ inclusion and demanded “repentance” by the more liberal provinces with inclusive policies. Caught in the middle of the fray is the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who is the top bishop of the Church of England and ceremonial leader of the Anglican Communion, which is one of the world’s largest Christian communities. Welby has acknowledged “deep disagreement” among the provinces, while urging them to “walk together” to the extent possible.


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