ADDED ON: 01/12/2022

A CNY gay teen shares his ‘biggest challenge’; school’s response sets off a storm.

01/11/2022 |

Tully, N.Y. — When Tyler Johnson, 17, was selected as a “Senior Spotlight” for his school’s January newsletter, he had to answer several questions. One asked about his biggest challenge and how he’d overcome it. Johnson, a senior at Tully High School, answered honestly. For him, that challenge was growing up gay and overcoming bullying in his life. That answer didn’t sit well with the Tully school district administration. Johnson says his high school principal, Mike O’Brien, called him into his office last Thursday to tell him he had to rewrite his statement or it would be excluded. Why? Johnson’s answer violated a “district policy” which stated that religion, sexual orientation or illegal drugs couldn’t be included in the school newsletter, the student says he was told. The teen responded by saying then he didn’t want to be included in the newsletter, the Knight Insight, at all.


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