ADDED ON: 03/14/2020

A Clash Across America Over Transgender Rights

03/13/2020 | New York Times

By the time Peyton Badalucco came out to his mother as transgender, he had been secretly binding his chest in a desperate attempt to hide his body. He was 14 years old and so miserable that he could barely muster the emotional strength to leave the house. Coming out led to months of counseling, a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria and, finally, hormone therapy when he was 15. He lost several friends while transitioning, he said, but as his body changed, his depression and anxiety faded, and he stopped worrying about what people thought. But lawmakers in Idaho, and in more than two dozen other states across the country, have introduced measures this year that would chip away at transgender rights, including criminalizing medical professionals who prescribe hormone treatments to minors.


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