ADDED ON: 09/15/2019

73% of news stories on LGBTQ topics are flagged as inappropriate for advertisers, survey finds

09/14/2019 | New York Daily News

A new report found that nearly three-quarters of articles on LGBTQ news are flagged as brand-unsafe to advertisers. The survey, designed by the cybersecurity company CHEQ, showed that 73% of the articles from LGBTQ news sites such as The Advocate and the U.K.’s PinkNews had been blacklisted. The simple mention of terms such as “lesbian,” “bisexual,” “drag queens” or “same sex marriage” have turned content increasingly hard to monetize. “Basically a whole heap of our content gets blocked for no legitimate reason,” said Benjamin Cohen, the editor of PinkNews. “A lot of ad networks are blocking content for the word ‘lesbian’ because they lazily think lesbian equals porn,” he added. According to Adweek, when stories are considered unsafe for brands, the results can be catastrophic for the media outlets, which will not see valuable ad dollars.


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