ADDED ON: 11/09/2022

6th Grader Interviews LGBTQ+ People, Makes Picture Book for Kids

11/08/2022 | Unseen Japan

Education about sexual minorities in Japanese schools is relatively non-existent. But one 6th grader named Ui is hoping to educate children about LGBTQ+ people with her picture book “So That Everyone May Smile” (みんな えがおになれますように). Published in September by Gekkan, the 53-page book features whimsical art and interviews with LGBTQ+ people in a simple Q&A format. Along with everyday people, Ui also sat down with high-profile celebrities like former fencer and transgender activist Sugiyama Fumino and Japanese literature professor Robert Campbell. Ui is no stranger to publishing. She already made a splash with “I Love School: What to Do Before and After Becoming an Elementary School Student” (しょうがっこうがだいすき ~しょうがくせいになるまでに、やるといいこと。しょうがくせいになったら、やるといいこと。), a fun preparatory guide for children just entering elementary school, which sold 100,000 copies.


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