ADDED ON: 09/19/2020

60% of queer Iranians have been assaulted by homophobic family members

09/18/2020 | Pink News

More than six in 10 queer people from Iran have been assaulted by anti-LGBT+ family members, and almost half have been sexually assaulted in public, according to a new report. The report, titled Hidden Wounds: A Research Report on Violence Against LGBTI in Iran, details the shocking violence queer people in the Western Asian country face on a daily basis. LGBT+ people in Iran often face violence and discrimination, and sex between people of the same gender is illegal and can be punishable by death or imprisonment. The new report, released by advocacy organization 6Rang, reveals just how widespread anti-LGBT+ violence is in the country. 20 percent of queer people who completed an online survey for the organization said they had experienced violence in the legal system, while 46 percent said they had experienced similar discrimination in the education system.


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