ADDED ON: 12/28/2021

30,000 People Volunteer To Act As Stand-In Parents For LGBTQ+ Couples Whose Family Disowned Them For Getting Married

12/27/2021 | Your Tango

A viral TikTok video, which offers families to stand in as parents for same-sex couples on their wedding day, has led the creation of an LGBTQ+ Facebook support group, TikTok Stand in Families. Daniel Blevins, a hairdresser from Tennessee, posted on his TikTok page asking same-sex couples who “do not have biological parents there to support you” to reach out to him. “If I’m not able to attend your wedding, I have friends that will,” Blevins said in his video. “We have a big network and it just continues to grow of moms and dads that want to be part of your big day. There’s parents that want to be there for you on your big day, and we’ll be your biggest fans.”


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