ADDED ON: 01/22/2022

Israel’s LGBT+ community faces up to its ‘Me Too’ moment as sexual abuse survivors break silence

1/21/22 | Pink News

In June 2021, gay rights activist Omri Feinstein from Israel asked queer people on Instagram to share their stories of sexual harassment and assault – and he could never have been prepared for the response. “The amount of stories I received was absolutely insane,” Omri tells PinkNews. “It was obvious that people were just waiting for the conversation to start.” Omri didn’t know it at the time, but that simple act – the act of allowing people to bear testimony to their own trauma – would be the spark for a new movement in Israel. He received so many messages from LGBT+ people sharing their own stories of sexual violence that he decided he needed to do something about it. He wanted queer people to have a forum where they could be heard and seen – where stigma could be shattered through the simple act of talking. He set up an Instagram account called “Our Turn”, and the rest is history. Since then, countless queer people have shared their stories of sexual assault. It’s no longer just an Instagram account – and Israeli media outlets have been quick to call it what it is: their country’s own version of the Me Too movement.


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