ADDED ON: 09/28/2020

2020 LGBT Pride parade in Taipei to celebrate self-identity

09/28/2020 | Focus Taiwan

Taipei, Sept. 28 (CNA) The theme of this year’s LGBT Pride parade in Taipei, one of the largest in East Asia, will be “Beauty, My Own Way” to celebrate people being true to themselves rather than conforming to society’s gender expectations, the organizers said Monday. The parade, which saw 200,000 people march through the streets of downtown Taipei in flamboyant costumes last year, will be held on Oct. 31 and start and end at Taipei City Hall Square, the Taiwan Rainbow Civil Action Association (TWRCAA) said. At a press conference Monday, Fletcher Hong (小鯨), one of TWRCAA’s directors, said the theme of the parade was chosen so that members of the LGBTIQA+ community would not just be seen and acknowledged but also understood and respected. “We don’t want people to judge other people by using a certain individual or societal standard. This includes one’s body size and physical appearance,” Hong said.


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