ADDED ON: 11/05/2020

2020 election is a ‘seismic’ shift for LGBT+ representation in politics

11/04/2020 | The Independent

As the US election results pour in, the LGBT+ community is celebrating a significant milestone in the political landscape. In Delaware, Sarah McBride was elected to the state senate, becoming the first transgender state senator in US history. Though there are several transgender politicians in the US, no transgender candidate has previously held federal or statewide office. McBride, who is also National Press Secretary of the Human Rights Campaign, has played an important role in fighting for discrimination protections in Delaware and has lobbied for the equality act to extent these protections across the US. Nick Duffy, current affairs editor at Pink News, a newspaper marketed to the LGBT+ community, tweeted that a “seismic shift” was underway. Duffy praised McBride as a “fearless and passionate advocate for LGBT+ equality.” Meanwhile in New York, Mondaire Jones and Ritchie Torres have become the first Black and Afro-latino members of congress who identify as LGBT+.


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