ADDED ON: 07/26/2018

200 Leading Rabbis Call Gays ‘perverts,’ Oppose Gay Surrogacy

07/26/2018 | Jerusalem Times

The letter caused outrage among liberal leaders and organizations, who castigated the rabbis and called for any of them on the public payroll to be fired. More than 200 rabbis from the national-religious sector – some prominent leaders of their community – published an extraordinarily vitriolic and bitter condemnation of surrogacy and adoption for gays on Thursday, describing homosexuals as “perverts.” The rabbis said they were writing in defense of Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Aryeh Stern who said earlier this week that allowing surrogacy for gay couples would cause “children to be born and enter a very strange and unnatural life, a life without a mother and father,” and that these children’s lives would become “wretched.”


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