ADDED ON: 09/20/2021

12 Yr Old Gamer Deserves An Ally Award For Saying It Like It Is

09/19/2021 | Instinct Magazine

We’ve all heard of horror stories of overly masculine men (or insecure closeted ones) making online gaming not so much of a safe space for LGBTQ+ gamers. There are even games out there that target the Gaymers by design (Alt-Right Video Game Has Player Eliminate Gay and Transgender People). It is up to the gamers and gaymers to decide how their money talks. Buying such games just supports their anti-LGBTQ agenda. So we don’t buy them. That’s what we can do. There will always be people making hateful propaganda and products and we do what we can. But when the hate is just speech over the airwaves, what is one to do? Well, we were all just schooled by this pre-teen and his actions that were shared on TikTok by one of his family members. Just watch, be proud, realize how proud his family is, too. You can teach hate, you can teach love, you can teach acceptance. This household is doing it right. The game is being played by the younger brother of TikTok-er @BumbleBee__. Call of Duty: Warzone seems to be the game at hand. The TikTok started mid-conversation when he is dealing with a little discrimination.


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