ADDED ON: 10/20/2020

100 Boys Wear Skirts to School to Fight Homophobia, Sexism

10/19/2020 | Out

A group of schoolboys in Canada wore skirts to school recently to protest systemic forms of oppression against queer students, along with a dress code that inhibits freedom of express for queer students. Decrying the blatant double-standard “on the way society views our women and men,” student Zachary Paulin wrote on Instagram that he organized the skirt-wearing protest at Collège Nouvelles Frontières in Gatineau, Quebec, as “a sign of resilience, solidarity, and support to the intersectional battle for gender equality.” Paulin told the CBC he was inspired after watching similar protests by students in Montreal-area schools who objected to disparities in dress code rules between male and female students. Specifically, the boys in those demonstrations wore skirts to school because they said the skirt length requirements for girls is sexist and unfair while there is no similar rule for the length of the shorts worn by boys.


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