ADDED ON: 12/23/2020

10 major LGBT+ victories that prove 2020 wasn’t a total write-off

12/22/2020 | Pink News

If you can bring yourself to look back at 2020, it’s hard not to write it all off as a screaming trashfire ejected straight from the bowels of hell. It’s incredible to think that a year that began with an entire burning continent and an impending World War Three could possibly have got worse, but hey, here we are. But even more incredibly, this annus horribilis wasn’t actually all bad, and some of the best silver linings came in the field of LGBT+ rights. 1. Marriage equality in Northern Ireland, Switzerland and Costa Rica. 2. The movement against conversion therapy gained pace. 3. The UK got its first ever pansexual MP. 4. Gabon and Bhutan decriminalised homosexuality. 5. The historic Supreme Court Title VII ruling. 6. The Oscars introduced an LGBT+ representation quota. 7. Donald Trump was defeated in the US election. 7. Donald Trump was defeated in the US election. 8. A rainbow wave of LGBT+ election wins. 9. Elliot Page came out as transgender. 10. The UK lifted restrictions on blood donations from gay and bisexual men.


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