South America

LGBTI Rights in South America

ADDED ON: 04/28/2018

IAAF Female Classification Rules Slammed as ‘Blatantly Racist’

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has come under intense fire since releasing its new “Eligibility Regulations for the Female Classification&rdquo. The rules have been called sexist, racist, unethical, and based…


ADDED ON: 03/21/2018

Anti-LGBT Acts on the Rise in Chile

Complaints of acts of hostility toward LGBT people - ranging from discrimination to violence - in Chile increased by 45 percent in 2017 compared to the prior year, reaching a 15-year high,…


ADDED ON: 03/20/2018

Marielle Franco had to Resist – No Wonder She Didn’t Survive

“Being a black woman is to resist and survive all the time.” So said Marielle Franco, the Rio de Janeiro city councillor shot dead in a targeted assassination last week, just 18 months…


ADDED ON: 03/18/2018

Marielle Franco: Brazil’s Favelas Mourn the Death of a Champion

The morning after tens of thousands of people thronged streets across Brazil to express their anger over the murder of black, gay Rio councillor Marielle Franco, it was business as usual in the Maré…


ADDED ON: 03/14/2018

Brazil to Legally Recognise Self-identifying Trans People Without the Need of Surgery

Brazil has passed a landmark ruling which means that transgender people in the country will now be recognize according to their self-determined gender without the need for surgery. The country’s Supreme Court voted that people…


ADDED ON: 03/13/2018

Colombia Just Elected its First Ever Openly LGBTI Senator

Angélica Lozano has become Colombia’s first ever openly LGBTI person to be elected to the country’s Senate. The bisexual congresswoman won a place in the upper house with 105,299 votes, as her…


ADDED ON: 03/07/2018

Chile’s LGBTI Groups Hopeful Oscar Will Help to Pass Gender Bill

The team that made the movie "A Fantastic Woman" which won the Oscar for best foreign film the night before were received Tuesday by Chile's outgoing President Michelle Bachelet, who in August sent to Congress a bill…


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Caribbean Forum for Liberation and Acceptance of Genders and Sexualities (CariFLAGS) is a regional nonprofit based in Trinidad and Tobago made up of leading LGBTI NGOs across the Caribbean. CariFLAGS staff and leadership are based across the region – in St. Lucia, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, the Dominican Republic, Belize, Grenada, Guyana and Suriname.

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Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD)

The Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD) is a human rights organization working to promote equality and justice for all Guyanese, particularly focused on eliminating discrimination based on sexuality, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression in Guyana.

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Asociación ALFIL – Identidades en diálogo

Asociación ALFIL is an Ecuadorian non-profit organization working to improve the rights of the LGBTI community through political advocacy, health programming, and intervening in cases of human rights violations and hate crimes.

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Akahatá – Equipo de Trabajo en Sexualidades y Géneros

Akatatá aims to advance, promote and defend LGBT and sexual rights in Latin America and the Caribbean. Akahatá seeks to give visibility to violations that people in the region suffer on the basis of sexuality and gender identities or expressions. “LGBT rights” in writing will mean nothing as long as discrimination and violence remain rampant, and Akahatá is committed to finding solutions to addressing these issues.

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REDLACTRANS – Latin America and the Caribbean Network of Trans Persons

Anti-transgender violence is epidemic in Central America where the life expectancy of a Salvadoran transgender woman is less than 35 years. This shocking fact might not be known without the hard work of local activists documenting and reporting the sobering reality of daily life for transgender people in the region.