LGBTI Rights in Bolivia

ADDED ON: 12/12/2020

Bolivia approves first same-sex union following legal battle

Bolivia’s civil registry authorized for the first time a same sex civil union following a two-year legal battle, a decision activists in the Andean nation hope will pave the way for an…


ADDED ON: 11/30/2019

Latin American Human Rights Lawyers Join Forces for LGBT Rights

In a gathering in Bogota, Colombia on Nov. 19, 40 human rights lawyers from across Latin America launched an innovative “Red Litigio LGBT” – an LGBT Litigation Network – in order to…


ADDED ON: 05/14/2018

Activists Pushing Ahead to Raise Awareness of Gay Culture in Bolivia

“Dark-skinned, poor and queer” is how Edgar Solis – a member of the Maricas Bolivia (Bolivia Queers) movement – defines himself, a lawbreaker at times but a tenacious defender of free love…


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REDLACTRANS – Latin America and the Caribbean Network of Trans Persons

Anti-transgender violence is epidemic in Central America where the life expectancy of a Salvadoran transgender woman is less than 35 years. This shocking fact might not be known without the hard work of local activists documenting and reporting the sobering reality of daily life for transgender people in the region.

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Astraea Foundation

The Astraea Foundation is the only philanthropic organization working exclusively to advance LGBTI human rights around the globe. Founded by activist women of color in the 1970s to fund a burgeoning national movement, in 1996 Astraea became the first U.S. organization to provide critically needed funding to LGBTI groups internationally. Astraea prioritizes funding for groups led by lesbian, transgender and intersex activists who are changing discriminatory laws and policies, using arts and cultural activism to inspire social change, and building inclusive movements for justice.