LGBTI Rights in Serbia

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Astraea Foundation

The Astraea Foundation is the only philanthropic organization working exclusively to advance LGBTI human rights around the globe. Founded by activist women of color in the 1970s to fund a burgeoning national movement, in 1996 Astraea became the first U.S. organization to provide critically needed funding to LGBTI groups internationally. Astraea prioritizes funding for groups led by lesbian, transgender and intersex activists who are changing discriminatory laws and policies, using arts and cultural activism to inspire social change, and building inclusive movements for justice.

ADDED ON: 09/12/2017

This Year’s Pride Week Starts in Belgrade

With Monday’s opening at Kalemegdan of the exhibition “Tolerance,” this year’s Pride Week started in Belgrade. It will feature several programs each day until September 17, when it will end with a…