LGBT Rights in Jamaica

ADDED ON: 12/07/2018

Welcome to Jamaica – no longer ‘the most homophobic place on Earth’

Early one late summer morning, more than 200 people gathered under the lush canopy of Hope Gardens in Kingston, Jamaica, for a breakfast party. It was all a far cry from the country that…


ADDED ON: 10/16/2018

Inter-American Human Rights Body to Examine Jamaica’s ‘homophobic’ Laws

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) has accepted the admissibility of a case challenging Jamaica's anti-buggery laws. The Human Dignity Trust (HDT) in a release today welcoming the decision, said the…


ADDED ON: 10/09/2018

International Religious Leader Urge Repeal of Caribbean Anti-LGBTI Laws

Religious leaders from five nations have called on governments across the Caribbean to repeal their anti-gay laws. In an open letter to Caribbean governments, Christian clergy from Canada, the United States, the…


ADDED ON: 09/14/2018

Regional Teamwork Needed to Push Gay Agenda Forward

Executive Director of the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays (JFLAG), Jaevion Nelson, has called on LGBT communities throughout the region to adopt a unified approach to advancing the gay agenda. Nelson delivered a lecture at…


ADDED ON: 02/04/2018

It Is Not Only LGBT Jamaicans Who Welcome the Government’s Ban of Controversial U.S. Preacher

Human rights activists, online campaigners — and many other Jamaicans — were pleased with the government's recent decision to deny entry to American fundamentalist pastor, Steven Anderson. While concerns regarding free speechlinger, it was not…


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Caribbean Forum for Liberation and Acceptance of Genders and Sexualities (CariFLAGS) is a regional nonprofit based in Trinidad and Tobago made up of leading LGBTI NGOs across the Caribbean. CariFLAGS staff and leadership are based across the region – in St. Lucia, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, the Dominican Republic, Belize, Grenada, Guyana and Suriname.

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Jamaican Forum of Lesbians, All-Sexuals, and Gays (J-FLAG) is the foremost organization advocating for, and working to improve the human rights situation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) persons in Jamaica. The organization promotes social change by empowering the LGBTI to increase tolerance and create the foundation for policy and legislative reform.

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Advocates for Human Rights

The Advocates for Human Rights collaborates with LGBTI partner organizations working to end discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity throughout the world.

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Human Rights Watch

For over a decade, the Human Rights Watch lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights program has fought to end horrific human rights abuses—including killings, torture, wrongful arrests, domestic violence, censorship, and discrimination—and promote the rights of all people regardless of who they love, how they look, and who they are.

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Human Rights First

Human Rights First (HRF) is an independent advocacy and action organization working with LGBTI leaders across the globe to guarantee that their voices are heard. HRF is committed to protecting the human rights of LGBTI persons and ensuring that they remain a foreign policy priority of the U.S. government.

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Advocates for Youth

Advocates for Youth is advancing the sexual health and rights of LGBTI youth in the developing world by strengthening the capacity of sustainable youth-led and youth-serving non-governmental organizations. Often there are limited spaces to organize and elevate issues that make LGBTI youth particularly vulnerable. Advocates has a network of 3,000 youth-led and youth-serving non-governmental organizations and activists from 96 countries and provides support in 40 countries.

ADDED ON: 01/30/2018

Jamaica Bans Anti-Gay Arizona Pastor From Visiting Country

Steven Anderson, pastor from the Faithful World Baptist Church who says gay people should be stoned to death, denied entry. Jamaica has banned a Holocaust-denying pastor from Arizona who has called for gay people…