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“Homoaffectionate Law” and a Revolutionary Change in The Legal System

By Nóra Blaskovits Maria Berenice Dias was the very first woman who became a justice of the state highest Court of Appeals in Brazil. An activist for the rights of the LGBT…

Where Love is Illegal

By Max Micallef William Lounsbury is the Head of Communications for the Witness Change non-profit organization. The non-profit holds the goal of ending human rights violations of marginalized communities around the world.…

Kakuma: From Celebration to Desperation

2018 has been a year of incredible highs and lows for LGBTI refugees in housed in Kenya’s sprawling Kakuma refugee camp. In early June, Refugee Flag Kakuma - a loose-knit organization of…

Instituto Nice Creates Opportunities for Trans Brazilians

“My dream is to get married and be able to guarantee my partner the right to stay on the small piece of land I have.” When Valeria Rodriguez heard this request from…

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ADDED ON: 03/31/2020

Ugandan fear of Covid-19 leads to 23 arrests at LGBT shelter

Uganda police charged the 23 LGBT Ugandans with disobeying a presidential directive against large meetings, aimed at curbing the spread of the virus that causes Covid-19. The March 29 raid by police…


ADDED ON: 03/31/2020

Tributes pour in for pioneering transgender Latinx activist Lorena Borjas who has died from coronavirus

The pioneering transgender activist Lorena Borjas has tragically passed away from coronavirus early on Monday morning. Borjas, 60, was known as the mother of the trans Latinx community in Queens. As a…


ADDED ON: 03/31/2020

Nigerian music group releases new pro-LGBT song

The Christians On Diverse Energy (The CODE), a group of Nigerian LGBTIQ+ vocalists, has released a new song that advocates full recognition of LGBTIQ+ human rights and equality in Nigeria. The new…


ADDED ON: 03/31/2020

Idaho governor signs two bills that limit the rights of transgender people

Idaho Gov. Brad Little signed two bills into law Monday that limit the rights of transgender people. One measure bans transgender girls from playing on girls' and women's sports teams, while the…



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