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A Talk with Daniel: Trans TI and Inclusiva, Argentina

Daniel is an Argentinian entrepreneur with a career spanning over twenty-five years. Feeling unfulfilled, Daniel felt the “need to do something different with life.” The result of this feeling thus far has…

Herman Gaibe — T9 NSK, Russia

Herman Gaibe is the project manager of T9 NSK, an initiative in Novosibirsk, Russia that aims to increase the acceptance of transgender people in society and, eventually, to create a network of…

David Tasevski — Subversive Front, North Macedonia

David Tasevski is the Executive Director of Subversive Front, an association for sexual and gender minorities based in North Macedonia. In this interview, he discusses the importance of mental health within the…

Mima Simic, Croatia

Mima Simic is an independent LGBTQ activist who “ambushes the audiences in the seemingly non-political spaces” by using various media platforms to push for normalization of queer culture. By Ryan Eakins As…

Latest Global LGBTI News

ADDED ON: 05/13/2021

Lesbian penguins are this mating season’s hot new couple

Mating season is underway for the Gentoo penguins at the London’s Sea Life aquarium, and two lesbian penguin couples have already got together. The two couples – Marmalade and Chickpea and Marama…


ADDED ON: 05/13/2021

‘It’s discrimination’: Beach resort issues ban on transgender people

The local LGBT community slammed a local resort over alleged discrimination in its Facebook post announcing a ban on transgender people. The management of Isla Reta Beach Resort issued the ban in…


ADDED ON: 05/13/2021

Former foster child abandoned for being gay ‘wouldn’t be alive’ if not for his two dads

A former foster child adopted by two fathers after being abandoned for his sexuality has urged Congress not to stand in the way of loving LGBT+ families like his. On Wednesday (12…


ADDED ON: 05/12/2021

Warsaw to run shelter for LGBT+ people

Warsaw will open an intervention hostel for LGBT+ people who have become homeless. The establishment of the hostel comes at a time when the Polish state has been accused of fostering an…



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